Benjamin M. Vallejo, Jr., Ph.D.
Associate Professor
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Educ. Background:
Ph.D. Marine Biology, James Cook University, Australia (2003)
Manila University, Research Associate, International Centre for Living Aquatic Resources
Management (now WorldFish) (1993-1997)
Professional Aquarist, Aquarium Science Association of the Philippines, Inc, (1992-)
Master of Statistics (University of the Philippines Diliman)
MSc Marine Science (University of the Philippines, Diliman)
BSc Fisheries (University of the Philippines in the Visayas)

Interests / ProjectsCourses Handled & Other InformationPublication


  • Ecology of sandy, coral and rocky beaches
  • Coral reef gastropods as possible indicators of beach ecosystem change
  • Patterns of geographic marine species richness in the Philippines and Southeast Asia
  • Biogeographic models
  • Natural history of Olividae and Neritidae
  • Urban habitats and biogeography


Research Projects:

In Preparation

  • Anatomy of Oliva elegans and variations in the anatomy of five Oliva species from the

Popular Science

  • Island Magic: Understanding Philippine Biodiversity, The Philippine Star

Courses Teaching:

  • Env. Sci. 1
  • Env. Sci. 211
  • Env. Sci. 297
  • Env. Sci. 299
  • Env. Sci. 399


Other Relevant Information:

Membership in scientific organizations:

  • President-Aquarium Science Association of the Philippines
  • Member-International Coral Reef Society
  • Member-Philippine Association of Marine Science
  • Member-Asian Fisheries Society

Recent Publication:

  • Vallejo, B (2005) Inferring the mode of speciation in Indo-West Pacific Conus (Gastropoda: Conidae). Journal of Biogeography, 32(8): 1429-1439
  • Vallejo, B (2004) Biogeography of a sandy shore gastropod, Oliva in the Philippines. Loyola Schools Review 3:58-80
  • Vallejo, B and Gayos, G (2002). The effect of light intensity on Corallimorph Discosoma fragment growth and recovery under aquarium conditions. J. of Maquaculture. 7:1-5
  • Reyes, M. and Vallejo, BM (2002) Diet of the intertidal seastar Archaster typicus in Calatagan, Batangas. Loyola Schools Review.
  • Vallejo, B, Vallente-Samonte R, Chua, L and Panlilio, R. Genetic variation and taxonomic separation in Oliva(Neogastropoda:Olividae) species from the central Visayas, Philippines using a single marker ( Marine Biotechnology)
  • Vallejo, B (2001) The Biogeography of Philippine marine molluscs. Loyola Schools Review 1: 58-77.
  • Vallejo B (2000) A new species of Nerita from the Sibuyan Sea, central Philippines, La Conchiglia 22: 23-27.