Benjamin M. Vallejo, Jr., Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Ph.D. Marine Biology, James Cook University, Australia (2003) Manila University, Research Associate, International Centre for Living Aquatic Resources Management (now WorldFish) (1993-1997) Professional Aquarist, Aquarium Science Association of the Philippines, Inc, (1992-) Master of Statistics (University of the Philippines Diliman), MSc Marine Science (University of the Philippines, Diliman), BSc Fisheries (University of the Philippines in the Visayas)


Env Sci 1 (Environment & Society), Envi Sci 221 (Environmental Biology), Envi Sci 211 (Computational Methods in Environmental Science)

Recent Publications

  • Vallejo, B (2005) Inferring the mode of speciation in Indo-West Pacific Conus (Gastropoda: Conidae). Journal of Biogeography, 32(8): 1429-1439
  • Vallejo, B (2004) Biogeography of a sandy shore gastropod, Oliva in the Philippines. Loyola Schools Review 3:58-80
  • Vallejo, B and Gayos, G (2002). The effect of light intensity on Corallimorph Discosoma fragment growth and recovery under aquarium conditions. J. of Maquaculture. 7:1-5
  • Reyes, M. and Vallejo, BM (2002) Diet of the intertidal seastar Archaster typicus in Calatagan, Batangas. Loyola Schools Review.
  • Vallejo, B, Vallente-Samonte R, Chua, L and Panlilio, R. Genetic variation and taxonomic separation in Oliva(Neogastropoda:Olividae) species from the central Visayas, Philippines using a single marker ( Marine Biotechnology)
  • Vallejo, B (2001) The Biogeography of Philippine marine molluscs. Loyola Schools Review 1: 58-77.
  • Vallejo B (2000) A new species of Nerita from the Sibuyan Sea, central Philippines, La Conchiglia 22: 23-27.

In Preparation

  • Anatomy of Oliva elegans and variations in the anatomy of five Oliva species from the Philippines

Popular Science

  • Island Magic: Understanding Philippine Biodiversity, The Philippine Star

Membership in scientific organizations

  • President-Aquarium Science Association of the Philippines
  • Member-International Coral Reef Society
  • Member-Philippine Association of Marine Science
  • Member-Asian Fisheries Society


  • Ecology of sandy, coral and rocky beaches
  • Coral reef gastropods as possible indicators of beach ecosystem change
  • Patterns of geographic marine species richness in the Philippines and Southeast Asia
  • Biogeographic models
  • Natural history of Olividae and Neritidae
  • Urban habitats and biogeography

My favourite quotes from great scientists that could inspire graduate students
“as far as I know, no one undertook to repeat the experiments” – Father Gregor Mendel writing on his biggest frustration after publishing his theories of inheritance. Mendel’s work was eventually recognized 14 years after his death.
“Anyone who has truly experienced how knowledge is accomplished would recognise the infinity of other truths of which he understands nothing” – Galileo Galilei writing in his Dialogue concerning Two World Systems. This is the famous book had led him to the Inquisition.
“This is beginning to bore me.” – Albert Einstein on learning that he flunked his PhD exams twice. Einstein eventually got his PhD with an elegant thesis on Brownian Motion.

Contact Info: 
Dr Benjamin Vallejo Jr.
Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology, College of Science
University of the Philippines Diliman Quezon City, Philippines
Phone : 63 2 981 8500 extension 3948  Fax: 63 2 981 8500 extension 3941