Current researches

  1. Tempospatial Distribution and Transboundary Transport of Atmospheric Fine Particles across Bashi Channel, Taiwan Strait, and South China Sea” funded by DOST under the Meco-Teco program.
  2. Creating cost-effective sensors for IR applications: High Resolution Simulation and Verification of Local CO 2 Flux in the Philippines” funded by the OVPAA Emerging Inter-Disciplinary Research (EIDR) program.
  3. Inter-decadal and interannual variability of Tropical cyclone wind energy exposure in the Philippines.
  4. Climatic changes in Metro Manila

Current MS Meteorology Candidates under the Laboratory

  • John Ariel Rojas – “Combined Influences of PDO, ENSO, and QBO on Tropical Cyclone Activity in the Western North Pacific”
  • Rosemarie Marasigan – “Characterization of Local Frost Events in Benguet, Philippines”
  • Melvin Tena – “Predictability of Thunderstorms in Metro Manila Based on Seasonal Condition and Meteorological Indices”
  • Joey Figuracion – “Determination of Z-R Relationship for Radar-Based Quantitative Precipitation Estimation (Qpe) Using In-Situ Measurements in Metro Manila”
  • Karlo Timbal – TBD
  • Jhunace Planea – “A Probe on the 10-Year Lightning Activity and Rainfall Measurements in the Philippines Observed by the TRMM Satellite: Its Relationships, Trend and Variability”
  • Kate Esguerra – TBD
  •  Irwin Aguilar – “Relationship between Upper Air Parameters, Surface Temperature and Southwest Monsoon Strength in the Philippines”
  • Christine Protacio – “Impacts of ENSO, ENSO Modoki and IOD events on Philippine Rainfall from 1985 to 2015”
  • Louie Jane Rico – “Characteristics of Extreme Tropical Cyclone extreme rainfall in the Philippines”
  • Alex Garibay – “Wind Variability and Power Production of Wind Turbine Industry in Bangui, Ilocos Norte Affected by El Niño Southern Oscillation”
  • Justin Maris Natividad – TBD
  • Andrei Casim – TBD

Student Graduates

  • John Christian Lequiron (2016) – “Factors affecting Air Surface Temperature Variations in the Philippines”
  • Mark Daryl Ramos (2014) –
  • Rhonalyn Vergara (2011) – “Effects of Surface Meteorological Parameters on Aerosol Optical Properties from Sunphotmeter Measurements over Manila”
  • Joel Jesusa (2011) – “Development of a Performance-Weighted Ensemble Model to Forecast Tropical Cyclone Tracks in the Philippines”
  • Nikos Penaranda (2010) – “Characteristics of Thunderstorm Activity Using Cloud‐to‐Ground Lightning Data”