Current researches

  1. Tempospatial Distribution and Transboundary Transport of Atmospheric Fine Particles across Bashi Channel, Taiwan Strait, and South China Sea” funded by DOST under the Meco-Teco program.
  2. Creating cost-effective sensors for IR applications: High Resolution Simulation and Verification of Local CO 2 Flux in the Philippines” funded by the OVPAA Emerging Inter-Disciplinary Research (EIDR) program.
  3. Inter-decadal and interannual variability of Tropical cyclone wind energy exposure in the Philippines.
  4. Climatic changes in Metro Manila

Research Interests

  1. Lidar (atmospheric lidar) analysis of  TCCON Burgos site
  2. PM2.5 transport from East Asia and South East Asia haze transport observation and modeling
  3. aerosol – cloud – climate interaction modeling using WRF-Chem
  4. Tropical cyclone climatology in the Philippines
  5. Influence of weather on ambient pollutant concentration
  6. Mesoscale weather modeling in the Philippines
  7. PM concentration around power plants in Luzon
  8. Personal pollutant exposure from Metro Manila traffic.

Recent Publications

  • Gerry Bagtasa (2017). Contribution of Tropical Cyclones to Rainfall in the Philippines. Journal of Climate. Vol 30. pp. 3621-3633.
  • Rhonalyn L. Vergara, Ernest P. Macalalad, Gerry Bagtasa, Edgar A. Vallar, Maria Cecilia D. Galvez, and Raquel V. Francisco (2017). Correlation of Aerosol Optical Properties with Surface Meteorological Parameters Over Manila. Adv. Sci. Lett. 23, 1448–1451
  • BA Racoma, CP David, IA Crisologo and G Bagtasa (2016). The Change in Rainfall from Tropical Cyclones due to Orographic Effect of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range in Luzon, Philippines. Phil. Journal of Science. in press.
  • Lagmay AMF, Bagtasa G, Crisologo IA, Racoma BAB and David CPC (2015) Volcanoes magnify Metro Manila’s southwest monsoon rains and lethal floods. Front. Earth Sci. 2:36. doi: 10.3389/feart.2014.00036
  • Ronald Macatangay, Thiranan Sonkaew, Voltaire Velazco, Christoph Gerbig, Nilubol Intarat, Nittaya Nantajai, Gerry Bagtasa. Factors influencing surface CO2 variations in LPRU, Thailand and IESM, Philippines. Environmental Pollution, article in press, 2014. DOI:10.1016/j.envpol.2014.06.035
  • Hayato Saito, Yutaro Goto, Yusaku Mabuchi, Ilham Alimuddin, Gerry Bagtasa, Naohiro Manago, Hitoshi Irie, Ippei Harada, Toshihiko Ishibashi, Kazunori Yashiro, Shumpei Kameyama, Hiroaki Kuze. Simultaneous Monitoring of Nitrogen Dioxide and Aerosol Concentrations with Dual Path Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy. Open Journal of Air Pollution, 3,20-32. 2014. DOI:10.4236/ojap.2014.31003.

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Popular publications


Current MS Meteorology Candidates under the Laboratory

  • Jhunace Planea – “A Probe on the 10-Year Lightning Activity and Rainfall Measurements in the Philippines Observed by the TRMM Satellite: Its Relationships, Trend and Variability”
  •  Irwin Aguilar – “Relationship between Upper Air Parameters, Surface Temperature and Southwest Monsoon Strength in the Philippines”
  • Christine Protacio – “Impacts of ENSO, ENSO Modoki and IOD events on Philippine Rainfall from 1985 to 2015”
  • Louie Jane Rico – “Characteristics of Extreme Tropical Cyclone extreme rainfall in the Philippines”
  • Alex Garibay – “Wind Variability and Power Production of Wind Turbine Industry in Bangui, Ilocos Norte Affected by El Niño Southern Oscillation”
  • Justin Maris Natividad – “Characterization of Flow and Aerosol Dispersion in Urban Canyon sites in Metro Manila: OPENFOAM and WRF-Chem Approach”
  • Karlo Timbal – TBD
  • Kate Esguerra – TBD
  • Charlindo Torrion – TBD
  • Erwin Molina – TBD
  • Jerome Tolentino – TBD

Student Graduates

  • Melvin Tena – “Predictability of Thunderstorms in Metro Manila Based on Seasonal Condition and Meteorological Indices”
  • Joey Figuracion – “Determination of Z-R Relationship for Radar-Based Quantitative Precipitation Estimation (Qpe) Using In-Situ Measurements in Metro Manila”
  • Benjamin Ona (2017) – “Experimental Simulation of Aerosol Effect to Landfalling Tropical Cyclones Over Philippine Coast: Virtual Seeding using WRF model”
  • Jeewan W. Karunaratna (2017) – “Sensitivity of Cumulus and Microphysics Parameterization Schemes in WRF Model and Impact of Data Assimilation on the Forecast Skill for Sri Lanka”
  • Rosemarie Marasigan (2016) – “Characterization of Local Frost Events in Benguet, Philippines”
  • John Ariel Rojas (2016) – “Combined Influences of PDO, ENSO, and QBO on Tropical Cyclone Activity in the Western North Pacific”
  • John Christian Lequiron (2016) – “Factors affecting Air Surface Temperature Variations in the Philippines”
  • Mark Daryl Ramos (2015) – “Simulation of aerosol feedback effect to Metro Manila airshed climate using WRF-CHEM”
  • Rhonalyn Vergara (2011) – “Effects of Surface Meteorological Parameters on Aerosol Optical Properties from Sunphotmeter Measurements over Manila”
  • Joel Jesusa (2011) – “Development of a Performance-Weighted Ensemble Model to Forecast Tropical Cyclone Tracks in the Philippines”
  • Nikos Penaranda (2010) – “Characteristics of Thunderstorm Activity Using Cloud‐to‐Ground Lightning Data”